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APHA joins Time to Ride movement for horse industry promotion

The undeniable beauty of Paint Horses has always captured the eye of horse lovers worldwide, and now the colorful breed is helping to inspire the next generation of equine enthusiasts, thanks to APHA’s new partnership with the American Horse Council’s Time to Ride initiative.

“The horse industry has an incredible history, but our future depends on fostering interest of horses in young children or the general public and connecting them to opportunities that foster their equestrian interests,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “What better way to encourage a love of Paints than through getting more youth into saddles with Time to Ride.”

The goal of Time to Ride is to bring new faces in contact with the horse industry by supporting local barn initiatives through grants, rewards and educational and promotional material. In 2014, the program’s 100-Day Horse Challenge helped establish beginner-friendly events across 49 states, introducing more than 25,000 people to horses for the first time.

In 2015, Time to Ride offered grants to 20 “host” stables that submitted plans to produce events reaching out to newcomers from January to April 1. The 20 hosts from 15 states will encourage equine connections through events at elementary schools, equine veterinary clinics, rodeo events and more, and invite families, students, Girl Scouts, rodeo attendees and the public to attend. Hosts will be awarded up to $500 following their event.

“Stables, clubs, feed stores and vet clinics are portals to horse involvement,” said David Foley, marketing alliance member and executive director of the American Association of Equine Practitioners. “We have found that by providing financial incentives and marketing assistance to hardworking hosts that want to grow their businesses or organizations, the entire industry benefits from the investment.”

Time to Ride program participants have reported client and business growth from hosting beginner-friendly events. The organization also provides free marketing resources to those interested in welcoming newcomers to their business and the horse industry. To become involved or learn more, visit Time to Ride online or connect via email.

Has your Paint Horse or your business become involved in a Time to Ride initiative? Let the Paint Horse Journal staff know—we want to hear your story!


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