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APHA honors judges for years of service

Judges are a key backbone to the horse show industry: they offer their time and knowledge to help influence the horse world and educate exhibitors. Now, APHA is recognizing the horsemen and -women who have spent their career serving the association.

This year, APHA’s Judges Committee and the Executive Committee approved a new tenure award, a sterling silver ring or pendant, for its judges. In the past, a judge was recognized with a pin after 10 and 25 years of judging and then again at the time of retirement. Now, judges will be recognized for 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-year service beginning January 1, 2015.

Judges will be awarded a ring or pendant at 10 years; stones will be added to the pendant or ring at each 10-year level attained.

In the first year of this program, APHA will present rings to the 30- and 40-year tenure recipients; 20-year judges will receive their rings in 2016. By 2017, the program will be on-track to award the 10-year recipients.

“The judges recognition program is a great way to help show our gratitude for all the years of service our judges put into growing and sharing their industry expertise,” APHA Director of Judges Dave Dellin said. “It is a great honor to be an APHA judge, and we’re proud to recognize that effort.”

This year, APHA will recognize the following judges:

30-Year Recipients

 Tim Abler
John Abrams
John Aipperspach
Randy Alderson
Rick Bailey
Mike Baker
Darrell Bilke
Leon Borcherding
Burton Butler
Connie Caines
Butch Carse
Joe Carter
Doug Cline
Kay Colvin
Jim Coones
Tom Crowley
Jerry Donahue
Jim Dudley
Brian Ellsworth
Jim Frazier
Marty Jo Hays
Randy Hembrook
Mary Ingwerson
 Deb Jarvis
Roger Johnson
Roger Landis
Helmut Lekschas
Rick McLain
Danny Moore
Dan Moreland
Jim Muir
Mike Perkins
Vicki Radtke
John Rodgers
Terry Sartain
Charlie Sasser
Mike Sheppard
Andrea Simons
Sue Stafford
Mike Swain
Pat Trebesch
Karen Watters
Gary Werner
Danny Williams
Maryann Willoughby
Earnest Wilson
Lyle Wonderlich
Judy Wright
B F Yeates

40-Year Recipients

Bill Englund
Tom Hastings
Ed Mayfield
Duke Neff
Tim Ternes

Also new this year is an emeritus award for retiring APHA Judges. This award recognizes judges who have dedicated their careers to judging Paint Horses. Judges will be recognized at the annual APHA Convention, where they will receive a commemorative plaque, a custom Gist Silversmiths buckle and a moment to share their wisdom with attendees. Retiring judges’ photographs will also hand in APHA headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

Requirements for the emeritus award:

1.       Must have a minimum of 25 years of service or have judged 150 APHA approved events
2.       Approved by the Judges Committee on an individual basis according to record
3.       Voluntarily retire with excellent record
4.       Judges must be in good standing with the Judges Committee with no disciplinary actions, probations or suspensions on their record.
5.       European judges must have served a minimum of 25 years or judged 65 shows.

Judges that are deceased and have met the criteria for this award will also be considered.


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