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APHA founder Rebecca Tyler Lockhart passes

Rebecca Tyler Lockhart, the horsewoman responsible for founding the American Paint Horse Association in 1962, passed comfortably in her nursing home in Gainesville, Texas, on May 31.

Forming the American Paint Stock Horse Association, the precursor to APHA, in 1962, Rebecca launched the effort to register and promote stock-type horses with excessive color.

The association’s first secretary, Rebecca used her promotional skills and considerable contacts to open doors to Paints at show venues throughout the country. A master horse breeder, she contributed many top show and breeding horses to the breed. Cherokee Maiden—Rebecca’s first registered Paint—was a cornerstone matron whose descendants can still be found in the working arenas.

“We are truly at a loss with the news of Rebecca’s passing,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “Members of the APHA family, both past and present, are forever grateful to Rebecca for her vision and tireless dedication to the Paint Horse breed, which directly impacted the breed’s success in the greater horse industry. Rebecca’s love of Paints lives on in the hearts—and pastures—of Paint Horse enthusiasts everywhere.”

Rebecca’s daughter, Robin, says no funeral service will be held, but she is planning a celebration in Rebecca’s honor at her favorite cafe in Ryan, Oklahoma. Additional details regarding the wake will be announced upon finalization.

Donations in Rebecca’s honor may be made to the American Paint Horse Foundation. Call 817-834-2742 or mail to American Paint Horse Foundation, P.O. Box 961023, Fort Worth, Texas 76161.

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