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APHA Corporate Partner Merial works to keep your Paint ulcer free

Your horse’s safety and health is always on your mind. One of the headaches you want to prevent in your horses is ulcers. Merial, the Official Ulcer-Prevention Company of American Paint Horse Association, knows this and has rejoined APHA as a Corporate Partner to help you in your fight against ulcers.

Since 1997, Merial has been working to give their customers the quality products that they need to ensure their animal’s well-being. Merial offers a wide list of products, including GastroGard, Equioxx, Legend, and Marquis, that are APHA-show friendly. As a Corporate Partner, Merial is awarding winning exhibitors with UlcerGard at the APHA World Championship Show in September.

In addition to their lines of ulcer-prevention and treatment products, Merial offers peace of mind through Ride to Win, a free smartphone application that allows horse owners to keep track of all their horse’s pertinent information, such as event preparation, track training, and overall health. Using Ride to Win, horse owners are able to keep an accurate record profile on their horses, set up a training schedule and keep track of how their horses perform.

The Merial Rewards Program is another great benefit to you and your special Paints. This program allows Merial Rewards Program members to earn points on the products that they love and need for their horses. When you become a member and purchase the Merial products you need for your horses, you earn points that act as cash that you can redeem anywhere Visa is accepted.

“We do all we can to be the animal health company that our customers need,” Merial’s Director of Equine Rebecca Peskin said. “With our products like GastroGard and UlcerGard, our Ride to Win app and our Merial Rewards Program, we are making sure our customers at APHA are fully prepared to tackle ulcers every which way. We are here for APHA members every step of the way!”

APHA members are equally excited by the partnership between Merial and APHA.

“Our members are so appreciative of all that Merial does to keep their horses healthy and show ready,” APHA Senior Director of Show and Contest Holly Slaughter said. “We look forward to partnering with them again to give our members the best, Merial.”

To learn more about Ulcergard and other Merial products, visit thestomachtowin.com.



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