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APHA awards 2016 zone high-point champion trophies

Each year APHA awards high-point trophies at APHA Zone shows around the country to exhibitors and owners in celebration of their hard work and dedication to excellence within the Paint Horse breed.

Up to four trophies are awarded to each zone show based on the show’s high-point rules, one in each of the following divisions: Open, Amateur, Youth and Solid Paint-Bred. In order to be eligible for the Open or Solid Paint-Bred divisions, the owner must be a current member of APHA and reside in the zone. For the Youth and Amateur divisions, the exhibitor must be a current member of APHA and reside in the zone.

To plan your 2016 calendar, check out the list of APHA-approved events at aphaonline.org; double the fun by planning to attend one of the 2016 Paint Horse Championships (link), which take place in conjunction with coordinating zone shows.

Congratulations to the 2015 APHA zone high-point trophy winners:

Zone 1
Open: Nightttime Sensation, owned by Christine Weiser, Meridian, Idaho
Solid Paint-Bred: JZA Im Spotless, owned by Monte & Danika Bischoff, Central Point, Oregon
Amateur: Nightttime Sensation, exhibited by Christine Weiser, Meridian, Idaho
Youth: Ima Special Delivery, exhibited by Emma-Lee Schellenberg, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Zone 2
Open: Timer Scribbled Mea, owned by Candy Torgerson, West Bountiful, Utah
Solid Paint-Bred: Absolutely Invested, owned by Karen Peterson, Salt Lake City, Utah
Amateur: Mr Verifiable, exhibited by Andrea Nelson, North Logan, Utah
Youth: Sensational Dee, exhibited by Caroline Nielson, Las Vegas, Nevada

Zone 3
Open: Thanks For Zip En Me, owned by Sharon Miller, Eaton, Colorado
Amateur: Im A Charming Zippo, exhibited by Shari Brown, Canon City, Colorado
Youth: Thanks For Zip En Me, exhibited by Alexis Sage Miller, Eaton, Colorado

Zone 4
Open: Sudenly Sophisticated, owned by Maggie Griffin, Tomball, Texas
Amateur: Sudenly Sophisticated, exhibited by Maggie Griffin, Tomball, Texas
Youth: Radicalized, exhibited by Marguerite Camp, Longview, Texas

Zone 5
Open: Shes Alotta Splash, owned by Robert and Patricia Ross, Grayslake, Illinois
Amateur: R Kid Rock, exhibited by Lana Wirsig, Clinton, Missouri
Youth: Only Good Intentions, exhibited by Mallory Vroegh, Grimes, Iowa

Zone 7
Open: X Marks This Spot, owned by Sharon M. Horn, D.V.M., Shavertown, Pennsylvania
Amateur: Krymsunized, exhibited by Kylee John, Winfield, Pennsylvania
Youth: The Big Maneuver, exhibited by Sydney D. Schmidt, Lowman, New York

Zone 9
Open: I Got The Sensation, owned by Eileen Parente, Plantation, Florida
Amateur: Sum Hot Invitation, exhibited by Lindsey Morris, Summerfield, Florida
Youth: Sensational Satinrose, exhibited by Kim Shidler, Crystal River, Florida

Zone 10
Open: One Big Chip, owned by Connie Webb, Carstairs, Alberta, Canada
Solid Paint-Bred: LP Sum Beach, owned by Nicole Gauthier, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Amateur: Jacks Little Bear, exhibited by Stefanie Tetz, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Youth: Sensational Wow, exhibited by Brooklyn Moch, Coalhurst, Alberta, Canada

Zone 12
Open: Like Smokin Gun, owned by Johanna and Franz Vorraber, Preding Weiz, Austria
Solid Paint-Bred: Rods Chocolate Chip, owned by Dorina Berger, Ellwangen, Germany
Amateur: Like Smokin Gun, exhibited by Sarah Maria Vorraber, Weiz, Austria
Youth: Hints Tracy Technique, exhibited by Christina Einsiedler, Bad Groenbach, Germany


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