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APHA announces inaugural Paint Alternative Competition World Championship E-Show

APHA is excited to announce plans to offer the inaugural Paint Alternative Competition World Championship E-Show in early September 2020, taking place just before the APHA World Championship Show. Entries will open August 22 and close on September 7 at 5 p.m. CST.

Structured similarly to APHA’s popular monthly E-Shows, it will offer more than 50 class options for participation, including halter, Western and English performance, ranch, speed and in-hand classes. First- and second-place exhibitors from each class will be crowned “PAC World Champions” and “PAC Reserve World Champions,” and the titles will be included on the Paint Horse’s lifetime record in addition to any PAC credits earned during the show. Credits earned during this virtual event, however, will not count toward PAC Year-End Awards—only in pursuit of perpetual PAC awards; this mirrors the structure point use used at APHA World Show events.

To be eligible for the PAC World Championship E-Show, the exhibitor and horse owner must both be active APHA members and the horse must be APHA-registered and enrolled in the PAC program for 2020. To enroll your horse in PAC, go HERE. To renew your membership or join APHA, click HERE. This is the first truly international world championship show where you can compete from the comfort of your home barn.

For more information about this exciting event, please visit the PAC World Championship E-Show webpage at apha.com/showing/e-shows/PAC-World-Championship-E-Show and follow the Facebook event page. For more information about the show, email Elizabeth Lawhorn at elawhorn@apha.com

The Paint Alternative Competition program was launched in 1990 to reward the diversity of the Paint Horse and to recognize the success these horses might earn outside of APHA-approved events. Through this program, Paints can earn PAC “credits” in events such as dressage, recreational or trail riding, eventing, roping and 4-H classes. These credits count for perpetual awards and year-end awards. For questions about the PAC program, email Karen Utecht at kutecht@apha.com.

APHA E-Shows kicked off in the spring of 2020 for exhibitors who do not have APHA shows nearby, who want critiques from judges on their favorite events or classes they would like to try, or who are looking for a low-stress environment to help them get involved in APHA competition. Exhibitors have the choice of more than 30 classes each month, where they compete against people from all over the world on any breed of horse for the opportunity to earn cash, PAC credits, critiques from APHA-certified judges and international bragging rights.

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