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2020 APHA Presidential Commission named to investigate merit of restricted registry proposal

APHA President Casey West has appointed a presidential commission to investigate the merit of the Restricted Registry proposal, which was sent to the Board of Directors in June 2020 as a recommended emergency rule change and then prematurely released to the public by committee members.

The APHA Presidential Commission was established to first assess the viability of the Restricted Registry and to create an independent and objective commission to review the Restricted Registry Proposal against alternatives that might be less costly and more effective in growing the American Paint Horse breed.

Specifically, the APHA Presidential Commission will deliberate with the intent of producing a report that will be delivered to the APHA President no later than September 15, 2020, and will:

  • Assess the Breed Integrity Restricted Registry proposal for viability and impact on the entire Paint Horse breed, including both show and non-show communities.
  • Assess whether the Breed Integrity Restricted Registry proposal can be implemented economically, if at all.
  • Assess whether the Breed Integrity Restricted Registry proposal would be best implemented through show regulation rather than breeding regulation.
  • Assess other ways, if any, of providing opportunities to SPB horses in APHA events.

The 2020 APHA Presidential Commission includes the following:

  • Jamie Howard* – Chairman
  • John Boxell*
  • Peggy Cummings
  • Cindy Gattis
  • Linda Gordon
  • Ashley Griffin*
  • Brad Perkins
  • Gavin Pope*
  • Travis Titlow*
  • John Weaver
  • Jerry Wyrick

Five members of the 2020 APHA Presidential Commission will be appointed to the APHA Board of Directors as non-voting breed/registration advisors by the APHA President with the advisor’s terms to expire no later than October 31, 2020. These five non-voting breed/registration advisors (denoted above by an * behind their names) shall be present at APHA Board of Directors meetings during discussion related to registration-related issues or at any other time deemed prudent.

The Restricted Registry proposal (follows June 10, 2020, minutes in this link at apha.com) would allow some solid Paint-Bred horses to compete alongside their Regular Registry counterparts; participation would be limited to solid horses meeting certain lineage requirements, and the participating horse would be required to adhere to breeding stipulations in order to afford the same opportunity to future solid-colored offspring.



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