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All-breed ACHA cutting event joins 2016 AjPHA Youth World Show

There’s plenty of cutting to do in Cowtown! The 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show will have some extra visitors, thanks to a new partnership with the American Cutting Horse Association. The all-breed “Cutting in Cowtown” ACHA-approved show will take place in conjunction with the Youth World Show on July 8 and 9, and more than $6,000 added money is up for grabs over the two days, in addition to class awards. Plus, it’s a great way to get your Paint qualified for the APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show or tune him up for ACHA/NCHA summer cuttings.

Learn more and check back for entry forms here. 

The following (all-breed) classes will be offered:

  • Open Cutting
  • Non-Pro Cutting
  • $50,000 Non-Pro Cutting
  • $10,000 Novice Horse Cutting
  • Youth Cutting
  • $15,000 Novice Horse/Non-Pro Rider Cutting
  • $20,000 Non-Pro Cutting
  • $2,500 Novice Rider Cutting
  • $1,000 Novice Rider Cutting
  • $3,000 Novice Horse Cutting

Entries are due July 1 by 5 p.m. Add-on entries will be accepted after July 1, but no additional cattle will be added.

Cutting in Cowtown is approved for APHA World Show qualification—based only on participation, Paint Horses must compete in a minimum number of approved events/judges during the qualifying period, which is August 1, 2015–July 31, 2016. Attend both days of Cutting in Cowtown, and your Paint cutting horse will be qualified for the 2016 APHA World Show in November!

Added events such as Cutting in Cowtown help bring additional horses, entries and visitors to APHA’s World Show venues, which can contribute to show growth, increased gift show traffic and bolstered revenue. Plus, it’s an extra chance to showcase our colorful breed to outside riders!

The Youth World Show features more than $165,000 in scholarship money awarded to exhibitors, and no qualification is required. Learn more about the Youth World Show at apha.com/ywcs.

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