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AjPHA Youth Executive Committee candidates announced

AjPHA will be welcoming a new crop of Youth leaders at the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, which takes place June 27–July 9 in Fort Worth, Texas. Candidates’ campaigning begins June 1, including speeches to promote their vision for AjPHA during the AjPHA National Convention June 29 at the Youth World Show.

Voting will be conducted using an online system June 22–29; all current AjPHA national directors are asked to vote.

“We are excited to welcome the new Youth Executive Committee at the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show,” Director of Youth Activities Christine Henry said. “We have a great group of candidates from across the globe, and we’re eager to continue growing our leadership team.”


Meet the Candidates

Kieli Adkins

Age: 17
Hometown: Queen Creek, Arizona
Running For: Secretary & Zone 2 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “Leadership is action, not position”
Experience: President of the Arizona Junior Paint Horse Club
Activities: 4-H, IEA, volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, animal care assistant, reading, drawing, photography and graphic designer
Goal: “I would like to encourage Youth members to participate in their regional clubs and within the AjPHA.”

Brittany Disch

Age: 16
Hometown: Monroe, Wisconsin
Running For: President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer
Campaign Slogan: “Let me Paint our world to success”
Experience: Officer for the WjPHC, national director for two years
Activities: 4-H and FFA multiple committee chair holder, horse judging, volleyball, showing pigs, Spanish club vice president, student council, member of the National Honor Society, Red Cross blood volunteer, Special Olympics, food pantry
Goal: “Recruiting new members to AjPHA. To make my dream happen will take a lot of work and dedication, but I am willing to put in the time and effort to make our association the best of its ability.”

Sabine Lazo

Age: 13
Hometown: Caldwell, Texas
Running For: Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer
Campaign Slogan: “Vote for Sabine Lazo—helping others find their SPOT in AjPHA”
Experience: National director for the past two years, Zone 4 representative, president of book club, secretary for the Caldwell 4-H club
Activities: 4-H, Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, judging contests, Life in Stride Riding Academy, Special Olympics, student council, 70 hours of community service for the National Honors Society
Goal: “I would like to see more Youth excited about the opportunities APHA and AjPHA offer outside of simply showing.”

Rana Orsan

Age: 13
Hometown: Frontenac, Missouri
Running For: Zone 5 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “Don’t be a hooligan; it’s time to get cool again! Vote Rana for Zone 5 Rep”
Experience: Held offices for the local level, national director
Activities: 4-H, PtHA, NSBA, Missouri Paint Horse Association and Illinois Paint Horse Association, reading, music, theater, Horses for Heroes, Valentines for Vets, Paint Strong scholarship fundraising, equestrian therapy program
Goal: “It is my goal to continue to promote the American Paint Horse Association and all of its Youth programs, as well as promote leadership opportunities to our current members.”

Jordan Olson

Age: 16
Hometown: Parrish, Florida
Running For: Zone 9 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “I got a heart, I got a vision, voting for me is a good decision!”
Experience: Treasurer and secretary for 4-H club, historian for FFA chapter
Activities: FFA, 4-H, golf team, Nationals Honors Society, mentor
Goals: “I would like to encourage more participation in Youth in my zone. By reaching out and inviting others, our shows would grow.”

Ivana Pallister

Age: 16
Hometown: Berg En Terblijt, Netherlands
Running For: Zone 12 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “When I becomes we, and you becomes us”
Experience: Active in AjPHA, participated in the Youth World Games on the Dutch team
Activities: Dutch Team Penning Association, Pony Club, AQHA, Western Ruiter Associate Nederland, Stichting Western Riding Nederland, choir
Goal: “I would like to get European Youth more involved in AjPHA and cross boundaries between continents, thus growing our Paint family.”

Isabel Schueppel

Age: 16
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Running For: Vice President & Zone 9 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “Iz for Vice Prez”
Experience: Secretary and treasurer for the Georgia Youth Club
Activities: Global Village Project, EuroPaint, tutoring, pet sitting, baby-sitting
Goals: “I would like to create a more inclusive community and create a support system for new Youth who are starting at APHA shows by creating collaboration between the European Youth clubs and the American clubs.”

O’Shyn Small

Age: 13
Hometown:  Midland, Texas
Running For: Secretary
Campaign Slogan: “Be fabulous and confident”
Experience: Showing Paints for the past year and a half
Activities: 4-H, band, track, volunteer at Keep Midland Beautiful
Goals: “I would like to get more kids aware of AjPHA.”

Nicole St. Clair

Age: 17
Hometown: Union, Missouri
Running For: Zone 5 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “Loping toward the future”
Experience: Current Zone 5 representative, Missouri Junior Paint Horse Club president, vice president and reporter, national director
Activities: FFA, track and cross-country, student advisory board, current events club
Goals: “I would like to see more involvement in the state Youth clubs. This would encourage more participation at the national level as well.”

Anna Lia Sullivan

Age: 16
Hometown: Southampton, New Jersey
Running For: President-Elect & Zone 7 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “Educate, encourage, involve!”
Experience: Current Zone 7 representative, officer positions in Young Riders 4-H club, Silver Spurs 4-H and Garden State Paint Horse Club
Activities: 4-H, USEF high school athletes program, violin and orchestra, Burlington County Teen Council, showing alpacas, photography, therapeutic riding volunteer and food bank volunteer
Goals: “I would like to see more involvement in all that APHA has to offer, especially for non-showing members who join APHA. I also want to increase Youth participation in different opportunities AjPHA offers, such as contests and scholarships.”

Raegan Watson

Age: 17
Hometown: Cleveland, Texas
Running for: Zone 4 Representative
Campaign Slogan: “Be involved, be Paint proud!”
Experience: Vice president of the Gulf Coast Junior Paint Horse Club
Activities: FFA, horse judging, track, hunting, fishing, photography, Go Green club, mentor
Goals: “I want to see some new faces at the local shows and encourage kids to start showing by spreading the word about upcoming shows and having more Youth club activities.”
For more information about how you can get involved in AjPHA, visit apha.com/ajpha or contact Christine Henry at chenry@apha.com.

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