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AjPHA announces winners of the Great Paint Brush-Off

Every Paint is a unique masterpiece, and the Great Paint Brush-Off challenges AjPHA members to capture that individuality. Judged by age division, participants submitted their best Paint artwork to vie for great prizes as well as having their artwork displayed at APHA headquarters.

“The Great Paint Brush-Off is a perfect opportunity for all AjPHA members to be involved—whether they own a Paint horse in their backyard or just create beautiful masterpieces of them on paper,” Director of Youth Activities Christine Henry said. “Every year, AjPHA members express their creativity in their artwork with true Paint Style.”

Madison Long of Rochester, Minnesota, is a lifelong artist. Her acrylic painting, which won the 15–18 division, was inspired by her love of Paints and their vibrant and unique markings.

“My mom is an artist, so I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life,” Madison said. “I decided I really like acrylic paints, so when my mom brought the contest up to me, I thought, ‘Why not?’ ”

Congratulations to our top placing participants:

9 & Under

  1. Blair Rozas of Cottonport, Louisiana
  2. Izzy Hostetler of Eureka, Illinois
  3. Reese Ennis of Bixby, Oklahoma    


  1. Hadassah Bennetsen of Argyle, Texas
  2. Renee Conklin of Hallsville, Missouri
  3. Jessie Ferguson of Taber, Alberta, Canada


  1. Madison Long of Rochester, Minnesota
  2. Caitlyn Carstens of Brighton, Colorado


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