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Add color to your pasture with this December Paint Horse Journal free read

phjdecfcWith a number of different genes influencing color-pattern inheritance, breeding Paints can be something of a gamble—but you can put the odds in your favor. Long-time Paint breeders with better-than-average color production share how they keep their herd producing chrome over the years.

In the December Paint Horse Journal free read, “Up the Odds,” breeders Gregg Reisinger, Jana Simons, Joni Voloshin and Renee Robinson, and veterinarian Gary Magdesian, D.V.M., share the anecdotal and scientific reasons why breeding for color is not strictly a game of chance.

Read “Up the Odds” for free online, and subscribe to the Paint Horse Journal to ensure you don’t miss great articles like this in upcoming issues.

Also in the December Paint Horse Journal:

  • AjPHA National Director Jason Arca shares his view as a French Youth member.
  • We brought you mane trends and techniques in November, so stop back for “Tail End” to get to schooled on proper tail turnout.
  • Do you have a Paint Horse that traces back to the stallion Scribbles? Jim and Judy Schehen share their story in “Work of Art.”
  • The Game Plan series wraps up with “Rein It In,” where judge Terry Thompson and trainer Devin Warren break down the reining class.
  • Check out the competition in “Europe’s Finest,” full coverage from the 2014 European Paint Horse Championship in Kreuth, Germany.

If you aren’t subscribing to the Journal, you’re missing these and more great stories every month. A one-year subscription is only $30 for APHA members, or $35 for non-members [U.S. rates—see website for Canadian and international rates].

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