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A Million Reasons: Exhibitors cash in at the 2022 APHA/WCHA Halter Million

More than $1.44 million was enough to draw the horse world’s top halter enthusiasts to Fort Worth, Texas, to vie for championship honors and jaw-dropping payouts. The 2022 Halter Million, a collaborative event between APHA and the World Conformation Horse Association, demonstrated the power of partnership and prize money in creating a top-quality event. The Halter Million took place September 24-October 2 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Widespread Growth

  • APHA World Championship Classes up 2.5% overall
    • Open classes up 5%
    • Amateur classes up 9%
  • APHA Breeders’ Futurity Classes up 20% overall
    • Gold up 26%
    • Platinum up 13%
  • WCHA Classes up 40%

New Classes

  • 531 total horses
  • 58 APHA world championship classes, 20 APHA Breeders’ Futurity classes, 34 WCHA classes
  • 8 new classes, including Youth weanling mares and geldings, and Gold Breeders’ Futurity classes for 2-year-old halter horses
  • 100 different Paint Horses were recognized as champions or reserve champions in APHA classes

Cashing In

  • $1.44 million awarded in total payouts
  • $106,671 paid in 10 Gold Breeders’ Futurity classes
  • $317,180 paid in 10 Platinum Breeders’ Futurity classes
  • $10,450 in Youth Scholarships, with 21 Youth winning 29 scholarships
  • $20,000 paid in the Breeders Halter Futurity (Des Moines, Iowa) Bonus


Mark your calendars for 2023!

2023 APHA World Championship Show: June 23-July 9, 2023, Fort Worth, Texas

2023 APHA/WCHA Halter Million: September 23-October 1, 2023, Fort Worth, Texas


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