7 reasons why you should join AjPHA

Do you love Paint Horses? Are you age 18 or under? It doesn’t matter if you live out in the country with a pasture full of Paints or in the heart of the city with the dream of owning one some day, those two terrific reasons are all you need—really—to join the American Junior Paint Horse Association. But, in case your parents need a little more coaxing, here are seven more great reasons why you should become an AjPHA member today.


  1. The AjPHA Youth World Show is right around the corner.

You’ve practiced morning, noon and night (or at least when you’re not at school). You’ve groomed, polished and prepped to perfection. You’ve dreamt of riding into that arena and laying down a flawless pattern. All you need is … an AjPHA membership. What? No horse? Come anyway! There are plenty of other activities to keep you busy, like the Judging Contest, the AjPHA National Convention, the Championship Dog Races, the Youth Boot Scramble, the Stick Horse Class and more. What are you waiting for? Enter online and beat the class pre-entry deadline of May 15.

  1. Close to $200,000 in scholarships is available for AjPHA members only.

Please hold up your AjPHA membership card if you would love some help with college expenses. Youth World Show exhibitors will earn more than $130,000 in scholarships this summer, including random winners in every championship class. Plus, the American Paint Horse Foundation awards more than 50 academic scholarships worth $1,000 each to Paint Horse youth every year. Your parents would love that!

  1. AjPHA is a great outlet for your creativity.

We know there’s nothing more inspiring than a beautiful Paint Horse. If you enjoy writing, drawing, painting or photography, then showcase your talents by making one of these majestic equines the focus of your work and enter one (or more!) of the AjPHA’s creative arts contests. You could become a published writer or artist before you’re old enough to vote.

  1. Grow your leadership skills and put them to work growing AjPHA.

Speaking of voting, every AjPHA member has the right to cast a ballot in the association’s national director election and run for office. If you’d like to represent your state, province or country, this is a fantastic way to help make AjPHA even better—and it looks great on college applications too. Or grow your skills at the AjPHA Youth Leadership Conference. For more information, come to the AjPHA National Convention during the Youth World Show or check out our leadership opportunities online.

  1. Earn APHA titles and awards when competing at open shows or trail riding, even if you don’t own the Paint you ride.

As an AjPHA member, if you show outside the APHA show circuit, Paint Alternative Competition makes earning recognition easy. From speed events, reining, ranch sorting, dressage, jumping, competitive trail or recreational riding to name a few, if you do it on a Paint, you can do it with PAC. Best of all, you don’t have to own that Paint to participate. All you have to do is enroll, do your thing and send APHA the results. Find out more on our PAC program page.

  1. If you’re a budding breeder (or young entrepreneur), get preferred rates on registrations, transfers and more.

That’s right. There’s no minimum age to start breeding, training or selling Paints. Joining AjPHA and keeping your membership current makes it easier and more economical to take care of business, with reduced rates on almost every service offered by APHA.

  1. Get connected with kids who share your love for the American Paint Horse.

From Alaska to Austria to Australia, the AjPHA brings together youth from every state and dozens of countries around the world who share the same passion for a unique, athletic and versatile horse. It’s a great way to make friends near and far. For example, last year’s Youth World Games attracted 14 teams and 60 participants to Germany. And we’re working on a brand-new international Youth exchange program. Who knows where AjPHA will take you?

We think you’ll agree—those are some rockin’ good reasons to join the AjPHA. Plus the sooner you join, the longer you have to enjoy everything AjPHA has to offer (because at some point, you’ll just be too old). So don’t waste any more time—join online today.*

What do you think? AjPHA members, we want to hear from you! Tell us why you joined AjPHA and why you think it’s great. Send an email to youth@apha.com and let us know why APHA’s Youth program is important to YOU.

* With parental consent anyone age 18 and younger is invited to join AjPHA. A one-year membership is $25, and a three-year membership is $55. Or, upgrade to a j-Term membership, which is valid until December 31 of your 18-year-old year, for $125. For more information, contact the Youth Department at 817-834-2742, ext. 436, or email youth@apha.com.


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