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4 ways to make a big impression on a small budget

With show season winding down, many riders are taking stock of their budgets and priorities in preparation for their moments in the spotlight next year. In the October 2015 issue of the Paint Horse Journal, longtime APHA members shared their best tips and tricks to make the most out of a limited budget. Check out their advice to learn how to get the most bang for your buck.

  • Map out your priorities. Deciding where to spend your money—maybe on training or lessons, or attending one major show vs. several smaller ones—is one important piece of the puzzle. Picking a goal before the show season helps you to strategically utilize your budget.
  • DIY it. Barn snack tables and potluck dinners divided among show participants are a great way to cut down on trips to the concession stand.
  • Take advantage of deals. Some shows offer special deals that allow exhibitors to pay for one division and cross enter into the Open division for free, for instance. Others have flat rate entry fees, free or discounted fees for new exhibitors and more.
  • Take stock of your horse situation. Families with multiple riders might be able to share a single horse, but that doesn’t work for every situation. If a new horse is out of your budget, consider utilizing APHA’s new show lease program. For more information on leasing, check out “Pony Up” in the March 2015 issue of the Paint Horse Journal.

For the whole story, pick up a copy of the October Paint Horse Journal. Not a subscriber yet? Get in on the action by subscribing to the Paint Horse Journal online at apha.com/phj or by calling (817) 222-6430. A one-year subscription for APHA members is only $30.


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