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2020 AjPHA Game Changers placements announced

AjPHA is excited to announce that the 2020 Game Changers Program is officially underway! The Game Changers Program allows AjPHA national directors to participate as non-voting members on APHA Advisory Committees. The mission of this program is to enable Youth to participate on APHA committees and learn more about their roles in APHA. Game Changers was developed at the 2019 Youth Leadership Conference and shortly after was approved by the Board of Directors.

AjPHA national directors who were interested in participating completed an application that was reviewed by a panel; assignments were then made by the panel.

Congratulations to the following AjPHA Game Changers placements:

Amateur Advisory Committee
Madisen Wollaston
Maryann Johnson
Carly Rothfuss

Breed Integrity Advisory Committee
Emily Coggins
Rebecca Williams
Paige Newcomb

Long Range Planning Advisory Committee
Kimberly Laue
Katie Leoniski

Regional Clubs Advisory Committee
Taylor Brown
Sabine Lazo

Show & Contest Advisory Committee
Treylyn Hancock
Ruby Voortmeyer
Cody Dulin

Youth Advisory Committee
Madison Brown
Avery Maxwell
Mannetta McAvaddy
Kynlee Curry

Questions? Contact Director of Youth Activities Megan McMullen at [email protected].

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