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2018 APHA World Show patterns now available

By Mary Cage

You’ve practiced every maneuver imaginable, jogged and loped over countless poles, and exhausted your legs with showmanship practice, but now preparing for the 2018 APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show will involve much more focus and direction with the release of the World Show pattern book. Held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, the World Show takes place September 17-30.

This year’s pattern book can be accessed on the World Show website at https://apha.com/oawcs/forms/. Printed pattern books will also be available in the APHA Horse Show Office at the Will Rogers Memorial Center during the show.

Make plans to attend the World Show’s live Ride the Pattern seminar Sunday, September 16 from 2-5 p.m. in the John Justin Arena. A World Show judge will walk through and provide perspective on showmanship, equitation and horsemanship patterns. Volunteer demo riders will ride through the patterns and the judge will answer any questions you have.

For the full World Show schedule, visit https://apha.com/oawcs/show-schedule/


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