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2016 Youth World Show judges named

With eight top APHA judges at the helm, the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship show will be in good hands. Judges for the premier event are:

  • John Briggs, Pilot Point, Texas
  • Brendan Brown, Houstonia, Missouri
  • David J. Denniston, Windsor, Colorado
  • Scott Neuman, Billings, Montana
  • Michael R. Ochetto, White Oak, Texas
  • Rodney Safty, Elk Grove, California
  • Julie Thompson-Martell, Granite Bay, California
  • Tracy Willis, Kingston, Missouri

The Youth World Show takes place June 27–July 9 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to great prizes in a plethora of classes, exhibitors have a shot at more than $165,000 in scholarship cash, just for showing in world championship events. Top-placing exhibitors in each class earn scholarship money, along with randomly drawn exhibitors, too!

View the 2016 Youth World Show schedule here.

View the 2016 Youth World Show Premium Book and entry forms here.

Full details are on apha.com/ywcs—check back often, as the site is updated daily.


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