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2016 Standing Committee appointments announced

Member appointments to APHA’s Standing Committee rosters for 2016 have been made, and the 12 committees are already hard at work. Comprised of APHA members from around the United States, Canada, as well as international affiliates, APHA’s standing committees serve as advisory groups for association rules and planning, in keeping with the association’s mission of promoting the Paint Horse breed.

Find the full list of 2016 Standing Committee members and their contact information here.

Standing committees host live and virtual meetings throughout the year to discuss issues pertinent to their areas of focus—including use of conference calls, social media meetings and more. They also meet during the annual APHA Convention, which takes place in February, and other events. APHA members are encouraged to contact standing committee members with ideas and comments throughout the year; committee members’ contact information is available at apha.com/association/directors.

2016 Standing Committee Chairs/Vice-Chairs

Following are the chairmen and vice-chairmen of APHA’s 12 standing committees.

Any interested APHA member is eligible to serve on a standing committee. For more information, contact Cindy Grier at [email protected] or (817) 222-6413.

AMATEUR COMMITTEE—Chair: Melanie Cox-Dayhuff, Vice-Chair: Jan Mannion

BREED INTEGRITY/REGISTRATION COMMITTEE—Chair: Karen Banister, Vice-Chair: Renee Robinson

GENERAL SHOW & CONTEST COMMITTEE—Chair: Mark Kuhlwein,  Vice-Chair: Linda Fick

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE—U.S. Chair: Carl Thurow, International Chair: Monika Hagen, Vice-Chair: Viggo Mortensen

JUDGES COMMITTEE—Chair: David Denniston,Vice-Chair: Rob Meneely

LONG-RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE—Chair: Sharon Bonner-Brown, Vice-Chair: Kevin Smith

PROFESSIONAL HORSEMAN COMMITTEE—Chair: Lisa Ligon, Vice-Chair: Carly Veldman

RACING COMMITTEE—Chair: Francisco “Pancho“ Villarreal, Vice-Chair: Steve Wright

RECREATIONAL RIDING COMMITTEE—Chair: Anita Hertner, Vice-Chair: Marilyn Novat

REGIONAL CLUB COMMITTEE—Chair: David Lands, Vice-Chair: Matt Adkins

RULES COMMITTEE—Chair: Denise Armstrong, Vice-Chair: Mary Parrott

YOUTH COMMITTEE—Chair: Sue Woodson, Vice-Chair: Sandi Morgan



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About APHA
The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded in 1962. APHA creates and maintains programs that increase the value of American Paint Horses and enriches members’ experiences with their horses.