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13 teams to compete at the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Games

Riders from around the world will converge in Kreuth, Germany, August 27–September 3 to compete for international recognition during the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Games. Participation in the biennial event has more than doubled since 2014; this year’s event will feature 60 Youth competitors from 15 countries.

Teams composed of four riders and an alternate will have representatives compete in each of four classes—one rider from each team in showmanship, Western horsemanship, hunt-seat equitation and trail—aboard randomly selected mounts.

Teams scheduled to compete in the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Games include:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Slovak Republic
  • Sweden
  • Team United (featuring members from the United Kingdom, Switzerland & Austria)
  • The Netherlands
  • United States

Several exciting new features are planned for the 2016 Youth World Games’ European debut. While teams will be competing for the title of Youth World Games Champion, three new awards will also be up for grabs at the competition:

  • AjPHA Youth World Games Sportsmanship AwardGood sportsmanship is an important life skill, and we will be on the hunt for the Youth World Games exhibitor who exemplifies this quality. Anonymous judges from around the show will decide who receives the 2016 Youth World Games Sportsmanship Award. Exhibitor votes will be tallied and factored into the judges’ decision. The award recipient will receive a $1,000 gift certificate for a custom hat, courtesy of Shorty’s Caboy Hattery.
  • Team Spirit AwardThis award will be presented to the team or country who shows the most team spirit and pride leading up to and during the Youth World Games. From cheering in the stands to sporting their countries’ flags, this honor will go to the team that has spirit and isn’t afraid to let everyone hear it! Anonymous judges from around the show will decide who receives the 2016 Youth World Games Team Spirit Award.
  • Most Valuable PaintThis special award will be presented to the Paint Horse voted as the MVP of the Youth World Games by participating exhibitors.

Outside of the competition, all Youth World Games exhibitors will be invited to participate in a variety of activities including day trips to surrounding areas, an AjPHA business meeting and Youth activities.

Interested in getting involved in the 2016 Youth World Games as a sponsor or have additional questions?

General contact: Christine Henry at chenry@apha.com

European contact: Viktoria Fischer at info@artvoiced.eu


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