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11 new Markel/APHA Professional Horsemen announced

The Markel/APHA Professional Horsemen program is proud to welcome the following new members into its ranks; they were approved March 3 at the 2018 APHA Convention in Irving, Texas:
  • Taurie Banks, Fillmore, California
  • Brian Henry, Loma, Colorado
  • Kevin Hood, Penrose, Colorado
  • Brad Jewett, San Antonio, Texas
  • Cedric LeRoux, Lonzee, Belgium
  • June McCloud, Hastings, Minnesota
  • Nancy Sue Ryan, Nocona, Texas
  • Shannon Vroegh, Grimes, Iowa
  • Callie Jo Ware, Mays Landing, New Jersey
  • Tamara Whitt, Olympia, Washington
  • Nancie Wright, Penrose, Colorado

This brings the total Markel/APHA Professional Horsemen tally to 124. These individual are committed to encourage professionalism, integrity, and fairness throughout the horse industry, particularly the Paint Horse community; they help promote the breed and the association at local Paint Horse shows and other equine events and are committed to doing business according to values outlined in the Professional Horsemen Code of Ethics.

Want to know more about becoming an APHA Professional Horseman?
Questions? Contact Director of Shows Amanda Cormack at acormack@apha.com.
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