YWCS Halter Donation Form

billyvest-smThe youth of our association represent the future of our breed and industry. The APHF Youth Halter Scholarship Program provides added scholarship funds for all ten halter classes at the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show each year. It offers parents the benefit of returning to the Youth World Show Show each year and building a college war chest that could help finance their child’s formal education while they soak up the life skills learned by owning a horse—responsibility, work ethics, confidence, empathy, friendships, leadership and more.
Our goal to strengthen our position to ensure the success of this program. As you may be aware, we will provide added scholarship funds for each champion, reserve champion, along with third through sixth places at the 2017 AjPHA World Championship Show, along with a randomly drawn scholarship in each halter class. This will not be possible without you!</>
A gift of $1,000 or more makes you a member of the Paint Youth Trust and your gift will be recognized with a complimentary vest from Noble Outfitters.
Any gifts made to the APHF Youth Halter Scholarship Program can not be used for any other APHF initiative.