Legacy of Color Bronze

The beauty and dynamic coat color patterns of the American Paint Horse come to life in the stunning Legacy of Color bronze created by renowned equine sculptress Marrita Black of Gainesville, Texas. Black captures in exquisite detail the expression and muscling that makes the American Paint Horse so intriguing.
Legacy of Color depicts a story of dominance as a chestnut overo Paint Horse stallion arches his neck, signaling his small band to move on. Taking his cue, a sorrel overo mare leaps forward as her young foal trots beside. In the lead, an older bay tobiano mare moves along at an easy trot.
Admirers of this beautiful breed and collectors of equine sculpture will be able to purchase individual castings of the overo stallion, the tobiano mare, the overo mare and foal or the entire Legacy of Color bronze. Each limited-edition piece in the maquette series will be released in separate six-month periods.
As a purchaser of one of these beautiful pieces in the Legacy of Color bronze series, you will receive appropriate recognition for your support of the Foundation on the base of the life-and-a-quarter size bronze. A portion of your contribution to the Foundation for the purchase of any bronze in this series may be tax-deductible. (Check with your tax consultant.)
For more information, contact foundation@apha.com or call (817) 834-2742, extension 265.