Media Credentials

Interested media who seek credentials for the APHA Youth World Championship Show should come by the APHA Media Office located in the Coburn Room in the Richardson-Bass building between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the Show.
APHA provides media credentials to members of the working media, defined as those who are full-time paid employees or representatives of professionally recognized media organizations, including newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, Web sites and other online mediums.
APHA Youth World Championship Show media credentials shall only be issued to members of the working media whose primary purpose is gathering news and disseminating it and for which other commercial activities are ancillary.
Media representatives who violate guidelines for coverage of an APHA event, whether written or oral, may have their credentials withdrawn.
The photographing of classes in any arena for anything other purpose than news coverage is prohibited. If you would like to request a specific photo from our event photographer for news purposes:

  • Visit the website of event photographer Larry Williams at larrywilliamsphotog.com and create a free account
  • Look for the APHA World Show Gallery
  • Search by the following exhibitor number: 520
  • Once you select the photo, look on the right side of the screen and choose “Digital Image Files / With or without prints”
  • Then choose “Editorial Image – Please limit request to 10 images. It is a free service.
  • Put in your email address and the file is emailed to you.

Questions about this policy can be directed to APHA Director of Publications Jessica Hein at [email protected].