2023 Breeders’ Trust Stakes Modifications- 10/7/22

2024 Conditions Information

2024 Breeders’ Trust Stakes Enrollment Form

2024 Entry Deadlines

Open Classes:

April 15th- $725

June 1st- $500

Total Entry- $1,225

Non-Pro Classes:

April 15th- $400

June 1st- $400

Total Entry- $800

Online Second Entry Payment Form 

PDF Entry Form

For full details please read the 2024 Conditions Information above.

2024 Enrollment Deadlines:

November 15th of the 2-year-old year: $1,500

November 16th- December 31st of the 2-year-old year: $3,000

January 1st of the 3-year-old year to 5:00 PM the night before the class at the 2024 APHA World Show- $4,500

Horse Name Reg. # Foaling Year Color Sex Sire Owner Name
Beach Daze 1113778 2021 Buckskin Overo Gelding Its All In My Jeans Lauren Maupin
Certain Kinda Red 1111511 2021 Red Roan Overo Mare VS Code Red (QH) Christyn Unzueta
Certified V Eye P 1113439 2021 Sorrel Overo Gelding Easy On The Eyez (QH) Angelica Zizza
Cowboy Cryptonite 1168425 2021 Black Solid Paint-Bred Mare The Original Cowboy Faren Anderson
Heart Beatz 1113689 2021 Sorrel Overo Mare VQH Heart Stoppin Roslyn Matthews
Hes The Milk Man 1115008 2021 Grullo Solid Paint-Bred Stallion VQH Heart Stoppin Rancho Verde LLC
Hez Vital 1149916 2021 Sorrel Overo Gelding Required Invitation Robert Menke
IWearMySnglasesAtNite 1152077 2021 Bay Overo Gelding Awesome All Nite Lesley Diehl
Johns Sudden Hope 1158562 2021 Bay Overo Mare John Simon Earl V Vold
Made Offshore 1113631 2021 Bay Overo Gelding The Offshore Account Tammi R Farnsworth
Nestle Toll House 1152088 2021 Sorrel Tobiano Mare Extremely Hot Chips (QH) Jessica Connour
Radicalized Offshore 1158751 2021 Sorrel Overo Gelding The Offshore Account Christy Matsukawa
RHF One Fancy Krymsun 1161409 2021 Sorrel Overo Stallion RHF One Fancy Phantom Daniel L Blay
Rigged And Ready 1110926 2021 Sorrel Overo Gelding No Doubt Im Lazy (QH) Superior Care Management LLC
Shaq Daddy 1186673 2021 Chestnut Overo Gelding A Scenic Impulse Keith or Caroline Massa
She Drinks Alone 1198634 2021 Chestnut Overo Mare The Best Martini (QH) Lyle and Shawn Koca
ShesIcingOntheKayke 1115891 2021 Sorrel Overo Mare Makin Me Willy Wild (QH) Kaye Nell Ochetto
Thats Alotta VS 1147843 2021 Bay Tobiano Stallion VS Goodride (QH) Morgan Rose Hobson
The Chrome Shoppe 1121643 2021 Sorrel Overo Stallion No Doubt Im Lazy (QH) Superior Care Management LLC
The Margarita Stop 1114963 2021 Bay Roan Solid Paint-Bred Stallion VQH Heart Stoppin Camsell Schoonover
VQH Whats Stoppin Ya 1115748 2021 Bay Solid Paint-Bred Mare VQH Heart Stoppin Julie and/or Justin Voge
WhoSaysUCantGoChrome 1114482 2021 Bay Overo Mare When In Chrome (QH) Julie Marweg

Over $105,000 was paid out in the 4 Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes classes at the 2023 APHA World Show