Taking a Chance
Jeremy White shares his experiences as one of Chrome’s 2016 model search grand-prize winners.
By Alannah Castro
For Chrome grand-prize winner Jeremy White, the opportunity to travel to Fort Worth for the Chrome 2016 fashion shoot was unexpected. Entering the contest on a lark, he never expected he would be chosen as one of two grand-prize winners.
“For me, it was just for fun,” Jeremy said. “I ended up winning, and it was a great experience.”
Selected by Chrome fans in an online vote as the 2016 Chrome Model Search grand-prize winning cowboy, Jeremy was thrilled to spend some time in front of the camera. Now in its third year, the contest drew more than 100 entries of APHA members from around the country, vying for the opportunity to star in Chrome’s annual fashion issue.
Jeremy’s style melded with the fashion featured in the shoot, and he enjoyed the opportunity to try new things.
“My style is kind of professional. I like to keep very clean lines, but I also like things that stand out. Many of the shirts they put me in were something that I would have worn,” Jeremy said. “I also liked that they put me in things that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked for myself—different colors and different layers that really looked good together.”
While shooting at Three Nails Ranch in Cisco, Texas, Jeremy and fellow grand-prize winner Danyelle Harp, along with several member-model finalists, enjoyed shooting in diverse scenes across the ranch’s sprawling 3,000+ acres.
“My favorite shot was probably walking up the hill with the saddle on my back,” Jeremy said. “I felt like it was very real and genuine, and you could have seen that in history. It was a really cool, surreal kind of moment.”
He encourages APHA members to enter the Chrome model search next year.
“Don’t hold back, and don’t feel like you’re limited,” Jeremy said. “I think everyone should take a chance and try something they want to do.”