Confidence Takes Wing

Check out Chelsea’s website and merchandise, and you might notice a reoccurring image: a wing. The wing holds a special place in Chelsea’s heart—and Chrome’s got the inside scoop on the story behind the design.
“I went on a trip to Catalina Island with my family for my brother’s birthday. While we were there, my mom picked out a bracelet for me at a street fair they had—it was a wing, made out of silver,” Chelsea said. “Layne wanted to go ziplining, and he asked me to go—as tough as I try to sound, I’m petrified of heights.
“After my mom gave me the bracelet, my brother was like ‘You got a gift on my birthday, so you’re going ziplining with me,’ so I said OK. I was scared to death, but I ended up doing it and had a great time. It was just me and my brother, and I don’t get to spend quality time with my brother that much any more. It was one of the greatest days ever and I conquered one of my fears, so after that I wore the bracelet all the time. I love it because it reminded me of that day.”
Chelsea even had the wing transformed into a tattoo that adorns her wrist, and she also uses it on various Chelsea Bain-branded merchandise. Because it’s special to her, Chelsea says she finds significance in sharing it with fans, too.
“For me, that’s my symbol of confidence,” she explained. “That’s what makes me feel confident, and that’s what my music does, so I think it’s cool for everybody to have a little piece of that.”