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Apha Members
Making an already valuable membership even better, Chrome is available exclusively to APHA members.

Residents in the United States, Canada and Mexico receive Chrome for free as part of their APHA membership benefits. The 10” x 12” magazine is polybagged to ensure extra protection through the mail.
International residents are emailed a free digital version and have the option to purchase a print subscription.
Rich in stunning photography, in-depth profiles and insightful stories, Chrome is an irreplaceable addition to horse lovers’ homes.
Don’t miss an issue of Chrome—join, renew or extend your APHA membership today.
Simply visit join.apha.com or call (817) 222-6430.

Non Apha Members
The ONLY way to receive Chrome is to become a member of APHA.

Chrome is one of many reasons to become a member of the world’s second-largest equine breed association.
You don’t even have to own a horse to enjoy the benefits that APHA can offer.
In addition to this beautiful magazine, non-horse owners can take advantage of savings through our APHA Xtras program that offers special discounts on services across North America for APHA members.
What are you waiting for? Don’t live life in monotone. Add Chrome!
Simply visit join.apha.com or call (817) 222-6430.