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Youth World Show welcomes new faces

The 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show is going strong in Fort Worth, Texas, and hopes are high. The Will Rogers Memorial Center is also brimming with new faces, eager to prove their mettle and stake their claim in more than $165,000 in scholarship prizes. 

Early entry reports show more than 40 exhibitors are experiencing the World Show’s competition and camaraderie for the very first time.

“There’s a misconception out there that the Youth World Show is so ultra-competitive that there’s no room for fun, and that’s simply not true,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “Simply put, there’s something for everyone at the Youth World Show, and it’s the perfect place to fully experience the family atmosphere that makes our association so great.”

Taylor Keiser is one such Youth, and she’s tackling the Youth World Show with gusto aboard Imarealsweetnorfleet in English classes and showmanship.

“This is my first Youth World Show and my first APHA show,” Taylor said. “It was my mom’s idea, she said, ‘Oh, let’s just jump in!’ ”

As she gets her feet wet in Paint Horse competition, Taylor says she hopes to have fun and good rides.

Preliminary reports also show class entries have increased almost 2% over previous years, notably in the Novice Youth and Walk-Trot divisions. Other programs, including halter’s $250 “no trainer” scholarships and an expanded limited division in select performance classes, help to recognize and reward exhibitors testing the waters of world-class competition.



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