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Youth Leadership Conference attendees cash in with LubriSyn scholarships and prizes

The 2017 AjPHA Youth Leadership Conference, presented by LubriSynHA, took place February 24–26 during the APHA Convention in Irving, Texas. A record-breaking number of APHA Youth attended and participated in this year’s YLC along with the activities of Convention.

AjPHA members contributed to active discussions during committee meetings and learn about the committee processes. APHA members also had the chance to learn from the Youth members and take their assessments into consideration when determining the outcomes of certain rule changes.

Following the committee meeting discussions, AjPHA members also participated in a scavenger hunt, sponsored by LubriSynHA, that paid off with prizes and scholarships. The scavenger hunt was comprised of a series of clues that ultimately led to Paint Horse PetLubriSynPIc-(1)e with LubriSynHA products in hand.

Madelyn Giesman and Mannetta McAvaddy, the first team to solve their clues and find Paint Horse Pete, each won a $500 scholarship from LubriSynHA. Nikayla Hetzell and Teagan Goble, the second-place team, each won a half-gallon of LubriSynHA product. The third-place team, Allie Greene and Reece Chapman, each won a quart of LubriSynHA product.

“We definitely believe that there is great importance in supporting and educating our Youth,” said Alex Hassinger, vice president of business and product development at Halstrum LLC. “We are very proud to be able to support AjPHA members through the Youth Leadership Conference by awarding them with our products and scholarships.”

APHA Director of Youth & Awards Christine Henry is also excited about LubriSyn’s sponsorship.

“I am so fortunate to be able to work with our members, especially our Youth,” she said, “It thrills me that we were able to foster a wonderful learning exchange between our APHA and AjPHA members. Our AjPHA members loved their LubriSynHA products and awards, and we greatly appreciate everything LubriSyn did to make the Youth Leadership Conference our best yet!”

LubriSynHA, a product of Halstrum LLC, is a patented, daily oral supplement of hyaluronic acid that’s safe for horses, pets and humans. Its unique formula, which features a higher molecular weight of HA, ensures the integrity of synovial fluid in the joints. LubriSynHA is perfect for treating joint issues in older horses and also preventing them in younger, growing horses.

APHA members receive free shipping on all LubriSyn purchases through the APHA General Store; for details, visit store.apha.com or call 877-460-6275.



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