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Youth & Amateur Awards Banquet to be held at 2021 World Show

With the reunion of the Open/Amateur and Youth World Shows, APHA will be holding a combined Youth and Amateur awards banquet at the 2021 APHA World Show. The banquet will take place in the Round Up Inn room at the Will Rogers Memorial Center on Wednesday, June 30 at 7:30 pm. This banquet will be a great opportunity to recognize some of APHA’s top award winners in both the Youth and Amateur divisions.

Being cognizant of everyone’s limited time, the following 2020 year-end awards and specialty awards will be presented during the banquet:

  • Youth and Amateur Top 20 awards
  • Amateur and Novice Youth Rookie of the Year award
  • Amateur Ranch Horse High-Point awards
  • Youth specialty awards (Youth Member of the Year, Youth Club of the Year, From the Heart Award, etc.)

The banquet is optional. Therefore, we are asking these award recipients to RSVP by March 31, 2021 (award recipients will receive an email from APHA). To RSVP and have your awards presented at the banquet, please go to https://americanpainthorseassoc.formstack.com/forms/youthamateurbanquet.

This will be a ticketed event, so once the ticket order form is available it will be posted on the APHA World Show page.

Questions? Contact APHA Director of Youth and Amateur Activities at [email protected]


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