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Western pleasure youngsters earn huge payouts in Farnam Stakes events

Before filled stands and watchful eyes, talented Paints and riders put their potential and training to the test to claim their share of more than $50,000 in the Farnam Breeders’ Trust 2-Year-Old and Non-Pro 3- & 4-Year-Old Western Pleasure Stakes on November 5.

The Farnam Stakes program is the premier jewel in Breeders’ Trust competition. To be eligible for these elite events, horses must be Breeders’ Trust enrolled and sold as yearlings through the Farnam Breeders’ Trust Select Yearling Sale. With so much cash up for grabs, there’s plenty of incentive for owners and breeders to hang their hopes on the potential of talented prospects.

Farnam 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Stakes

Though Impulsive Popstar had never before set foot in front of a judge, Mike Hachtel had no doubts about debuting the talented youngster in the deep Farnam 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Stakes. If you’ve done your homework, he says, the test should be easy.

“I prepared her the way I felt like she needed to be prepped, and then I wanted her to see the crowd before I tried to make any adjustments. Otherwise, I planned to just leave her alone,” Mike said. “And she was a rockstar—She did everything I hoped she would do.”

Bred and owned by Debi and Loren East of Bountiful, Utah, “Tootsie” is a 2014 sorrel overo mare by A Scenic Impulse and out of Sensational Lollipop—a full sibling to the stake’s 2014 winner A Jellybean Impulse. Mike, who’s piloted sire, dam and offspring to big wins credits the bloodlines for the horses’ success.

“They’re all so big and strong, they’re kind and they’re easy to teach,” he said. Their brains make them  priceless.”

For her win, Tootsie brought home more than $7,000*. More important than prize money, Debi says, is the validation of a quality breeding and training program.

“My heart was just pounding; I wanted it so bad for both of them,” she said. “This isn’t just a two-year project; it’s a 10-year project coming together in the arena. It’s extremely rewarding.”

web_dec1293New for 2016, the Limited Exhibitor program spread the wealth around to eligible exhibitors seeking the spotlight in a deep class. Brand new to the Farnam Stakes program, trainer Alicia Carroll on A Sinsational Cowgirl earned the entirety of the division’s lucrative $11,850*-plus purse ; earning fifth place overall, Alicia earned more than $13,800* for owner Marilyn Caliendo of Aubrey, Texas.

“I’m on cloud nine right now,” Alicia said. “[The limited division] adds so much to this program. It gives people like me—trainers who are just getting out there, trying to get their feet wet in the industry—a shot to shine in this big of a class. It makes you think that you’ve got just a little bit of a chance, and it keeps you trucking and pulling for more.”

A Sinsational Cowgirl is a 2014 bay overo mare by The Original Cowboy and out of Miss Texas Sensation.

Farnam Non-Pro 3- & 4-Year-Old Western Pleasure Stakes

Though the Farnam Stakes’ non-pro event certainly wasn’t Scenery’s first trip to the winner’s circle, the victory felt especially sweet for owner, breeder and exhibitor Tim Snapp of New Carlisle, Ohio, who rode the mare to the top title and a prize of more than $5,200*.web_dec0883

“Scenery had a tear in her deep flexor tendon in the beginning of the year, so she had to be laid off until August,” Tim said. “But she feels even better now; she’s kind of a comeback kid at the World Show.”

This is Scenery’s third appearance in the Farnam Stakes classes—she finished third as both a 2- and 3-year-old—and the hefty purse makes the program a no-brainer for Tim.

“I love showing for money, that’s my thing!” Tim quipped. “Scenery’s probably won more than $15,000 over the last three years just through the Farnam at the World Show; it’s been a wonderful program for us.”

Scenery is a 2012 sorrel overo mare by A Scenic Impulse and out of Miss Hottie.



*Unofficial payout amounts

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