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Teams announced for 2018 Youth World Games

The teams for the 2018 Youth World Games have been selected, and practicing has commenced in preparation for this exciting competition that will unite equestrians from around the world. The biennial Youth World Games takes place in conjunction with the 2018 AjPHA Youth World Show, June 25–July 8 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Each country enters one team composed of five exhibitors and a coach. One rider from each team will compete in showmanship, Western horsemanship, trail, ranch riding and hunt-seat equitation aboard randomly selected mounts. The 2018 teams are:

Coach – Leanne Bartlett
Trail – Chloe Anne Miller
Horsemanship – Chelsea Henderson
Showmanship – Courtney Smallwood
Hunt-Seat Equitation – Tamsin Beard
Ranch Riding – Hollie Hicks

Coaches – Nicole Gauthier & Randi McCook
Trail – Brooklyn Moch
Horsemanship – Hallie Malcolm
Showmanship – Demi McGunigal
Hunt-Seat Equitation – Mikayla Sinclair
Ranch Riding – Brooklyn Moch

Coach – Dora Gocze
Trail – Freja Segelund
Horsemanship – Siri Marie Rasmussen
Showmanship – Michele Schoenwald
Hunt-Seat Equitation – Anne Sjonov Bork
Ranch Riding – Camilla Fricke

Coach – Susanne Hahnen
Trail – Leonie Schnell
Horsemanship – Carolin Rauch
Showmanship – Maike Krause
Hunt-Seat Equitation – Lea Burret
Ranch Riding – Anna Joleen Middelberg

Coaches – Erik Brodin & Inger Kvarnstrom
Trail – Victor Kvarnstrom
Horsemanship – Matilda Kallstrom
Showmanship – Victor Kvarnstrom
Hunt-Seat Equitation – Matilda Kallstrom
Ranch Riding – Titti Dahl

Team United (Italy, Slovakia & France)
Coach – Randall Roser (United States)
Trail – Laura Semesova (Slovakia)
Horsemanship – Tiphaine Le Bray (France)
Showmanship – Davide De Monte (Italy)
Hunt-Seat Equitation – Tiphaine Le Bray (France)
Ranch Riding – Laura Semesova (Slovakia)

United States
Coach – Pat Trebesch
Trail – Sabine Lazo
Horsemanship – Kellianne Lunny
Showmanship – Livia Hillenburg
Hunt-Seat Equitation – Gianna Pozzi
Ranch Riding – Sarah Beth Felker


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