Team USA Wins 2022 Youth World Games

With solid performances in each class and red ribbons across the board, Team USA successfully defended their title and won the APHA Youth World Games held August 21-25 during the European Paint Horse Championship in Kreuth, Germany.

Nyeah Krasnow-Osorio of Brooklyn, New York; Riley Francis of Richland, Michigan; Abigail Zawisza of Findlay, Ohio; and Cody Dulin of Nampa, Idaho, each placed second in their respective classes, earning Team USA 36 points and the overall win.

With the home team advantage, Team Germany’s early wins in showmanship and hunt seat equitation boosted their final score to 32 points, placing second overall.

Earning three third places and a fourth, Team France’s consistent showing earned them 31 points and third overall.

APHA President Melanie Cox-Dayhuff presented custom award buckles from APHA made in the USA by Gist Silversmiths to members of each of the top three teams.

First Place: United States

  • Nyeah Krasnow-Osorio – Showmanship
  • Riley Francis – Horsemanship
  • Abigail Zawisza – Equitation
  • Cody Dulin – Ranch Riding

Second Place: Germany

  • Lea Klink – Showmanship
  • Clara Maurer – Horsemanship
  • Mia Lehmann – Equitation
  • Chiana Koehler – Ranch Riding
  • Larissa Hahn – Alternate

Third Place: France

  • Camille Brisard – Showmanship
  • Fleurine Maras – Horsemanship
  • Sixtine Toubon – Equitation
  • Alicia Kalakun – Ranch Riding
  • Jade Pen – Alternate

Eva Vantoortelboom, riding for Team Slovakia, won the Sportsmanship Award and received a bronze trophy made by Dutch artist and Paint Horse owner Ellen Welten-Louwers.

The Most Valuable Paint Award went to Smalt Is Sensational, a 2009 bay tobiano mare owned by Mara Von Skopnik of Belgium. With her weanling filly waiting in the wings, “Tory” showed in three classes, scoring a win in showmanship for Team Germany. Mara received a handcrafted padded leather halter made in the USA and donated by Perri’s Leather.

We salute the true heroes of the Youth World Games—the American Paint Horses and their owners—who made this event possible:

  • A Set Of Magic owned by Tanja Klink
  • Felicia Simon owned by Davidee Desoil
  • Goodilicious owned by Katrin Tengg
  • Gunners Goldmine owned by Silvia Zoetsch
  • Lightning Invitation owned by Verena Zanchetta
  • Olenas Rocks owned by Bianka Tengg
  • Real Sweet Marks owned by Ivana Pallister
  • Smalt Is Sensational owned by Mara Von Skopnik
  • SQ Hot Shiny Princess owned by Monika Hagen
  • SQ Justified owned by Cornelia Pangerl
  • SQ Mr Bombastic owned by Felictas Knauer
  • SQ Shegothestyle owned by Monika Hagen
  • SQ Starlet Cash owned by Sabrina Rauh
  • Sun Peppy Train owned by Anna Middelberg
  • TL Cherokees Beauty owned by Monika Hagen
  • Unzippin The Assets owned by Jasmin Schuster
  • Zips Spirit Of LLChip owned by Ilka Dirks

Sincere thanks to the sponsors who make the 2022 APHA Youth World Games more colorful, especially:

  • Paint Horse Club Germany
  • Milsta Tack & Horses AB
  • Perri’s Leather
  • Ellen Welten-Louwers
  • Gomeier’s World of Saddles
  • Peggy Cummings
  • Anja Ernst
  • Shirtless
  • Jasmin Grossniklaus
  • Montigny Paint Horse
  • CRC Genas Ranch
  • Helena Ryan
  • Just Say Jose
  • Box2Go
  • Gut Matheshof

Join us in 2024 for the next Youth World Games at the APHA World Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information, contact Josi Reed, director of Amateur and Youth activities.


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