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Steer stopping and tie-down roping added to HorseIQ Library

When the intensity is high, the speeds are fast and the ropes are swinging, a good judge must know what to look for when scoring steer stopping and tie-down roping. Numerous factors go into scoring these events—from how the horse enters the box to tracking the steer and pulling the rope tight after a catch—so judges need to be all eyes for these events.

Recently added to the HorseIQ Library are steer stopping and tie-down roping performance videos from the 2017 APHA World Championship Show. Watch and re-watch these runs to further your understanding about the scoring and fundamentals of these classes, as well as practice scoring each run.

Additionally, you’ll find links to view the judges’ scorecards from the World Show event, providing you a way to compare your scores to how the judges scored the class.

“The roping classes and scoresheets in the HorseIQ library are a great way to brush up on your scoring of judges roping classes,” APHA Director of Judges, Shows & Education David Dellin said. “If you are an exhibitor it’s a great way to learn what the judges are looking for in those classes.”

HorseIQ is APHA’s innovative online learning platform, designed to help judges and exhibitors alike understand APHA class rules and brush up on their skills. APHA members receive discounted access to this program—to get started, sign up for HorseIQ at horseiq.com.


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