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Squash these 5 excuses & submit your APHA state director nomination

Edited 8/23/22 — Deadline extended until August 26, 2022

Have you ever considered running for an APHA state director position, but maybe think you’re not cut out for it? Check out our list of the five most common excuses we hear, and discover why they’re not really obstacles after all!

Any APHA member in good standing can submit a nomination for themselves or someone else to represent their area as an APHA state director, who are the elected representatives of the general membership and vote on matters of importance to the association.

Nominations are open until August 15 and you must submit a nomination to be considered for the state director ballot.

More info: apha.com/association/state-directors/
Check out “Individual or Self-Nomination Form for State Director” under 2022 Election Resources

  1. It requires too much time.
    State directors are only asked to attend one in-person meeting annually for voting purposes. Other learning opportunities are mostly virtual. Many state directors also serve on an advisory committee to help stay connected with APHA activities but that’s not a requirement. We do expect state directors to stay informed about issues of importance to APHA and the horse community, and encourage outreach to other members in your representative area.
  2. I live far away, or there’s no APHA activities near me.
    If you’re an APHA member in good standing, you’re eligible to serve as a state director. We need representatives from all states and countries.
  3. I’m just a small-time member/breeder.
    That puts you in the majority. Most APHA members and breeders own just a few Paint Horses. Whether you’ve got one Paint or 100, your input is valuable. We need state directors who represent all tangents, from stallion owners to small time breeders, and everyone from big-time horse show enthusiasts to those who prefer to ride for fun.
  4. I’ve never been a state director or committee member before.
    No experience needed. You’ll receive training and APHA staff members are known for their accessibility and helpfulness. What counts is your willingness to help guide APHA in the direction that benefits the breed.
  5. I’m not involved in the APHA show horse world.
    That’s OK, and can actually be an asset! We need state directors who represent all areas of APHA and the horse community.


Nominate yourself: https://apha.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Individual-or-Self-Nomination-Form-for-State-Director.pdf

Questions? [email protected]


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