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Splashed White 6 now identified and available for testing

APHA partner University of California–Davis’ Veterinary Genetics Laboratory recently identified Splashed White 6 through their research. This discovery helps explain the popular “splashed white” pattern common to Paint Horses, and offers the opportunity to test horses for another white spotting pattern through an APHA partner laboratory.

Testing for Splashed White 6 is already being offered by UC-Davis, who has included it in their APHA Color & Pattern Panel testing as well as individual Splashed White testing as of February 2020. If your horse was previously tested through APHA, you can request reassessment of his test results for Splashed White 6 by contacting APHA. Email [email protected] for more information.

Splashed White 6 is found on the MITF gene, which is also the location of Splashed White 1, 3 and 5. More details about Splashed White 6 will be released when available, following scientific publication of UC-Davis’ findings.


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