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Shine on with APHA’s newest World Show sponsor, Harris Leather & Silverworks

APHA is delighted to announce Harris Leather & Silverworks as its newest 2018 World Show sponsor. Along with providing support for the exhibitors of the AjPHA and Open/Amateur World Championship Shows, the company will also be providing a custom saddle to be awarded by APHA.

Mabelene Harris, along with her husband Ralph, started the business by hand-tooling leather belts and purses and quickly became a horse-show crowd favorite. Before too long, they were working long hours at their kitchen table to keep up with the custom orders. Their quality, attention to detail and care kept the orders flowing, and the family continued their venture, eventually extending into silver working and other items.

From their start in the 1960s as Mabelene’s “little kitchen table business”, Harris Leather & Silverworks has grown into a company that employs about 30 people from their silver shop, leather toolers, saddlemakers and bridlemakers. Even with their growth and endurance, the Harris family prides themselves on the fact that Harris Leather & Silverworks has continued to be kept “all in the family” with the third generation of Harris family members now making their mark.

In 1983, Harris Leather & Silverworks was approached by the newly formed National Snaffle Bit Association, and they were delighted to become a sponsor and help grow the community they cherished. Now, Harris Leather & Silverworks is continuing that practice by partnering with APHA.

“Harris Leather & Silverworks is proud to announce a new sponsor partnership with the American Paint Horse Association. We are excited to be providing our products to this progressive organization,” President of Harris Leather & Silverworks Phil Harris said. “Through the years, the Paint Horse community has always been an important part of our business, and this is a small way in which we are able to give back to these wonderful Paint Horse enthusiasts. Our saddles and riding equipment are handmade and designed to enhance the ability of the showman. We are currently celebrating 50 years serving the horse industry. Thank you to APHA for allowing us the opportunity to be a small part of such a great association.”

APHA’s Director of Business Development, Kurt Crawford is equally excited by the partnership.

“We are so pleased to have such a recognizable and reputable organization to partner with us here at APHA,” he said. “When it comes to high-quality leather and silverworks in the horse show industry, one of the first companies that comes to mind is Harris Leather & Silverworks. They have serviced the horse world for several decades, and we are fortunate enough to have them join our team. We look forward to working with Harris Leather & Silverworks well into the future.”

To learn more about Harris Leather & Silverworks, visit harrisleather.com.



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