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Ritchie Industries joins APHA team for 2018

Coming on board as an official Corporate Partner in 2018 is Ritchie Industries Inc. The newest partner to join the APHA Corporate Partner crew, Ritchie Industries will sponsor the APHA’s two annual World Shows in 2018.

Ritchie Industries Inc. was built from a concept developed by Thomas Ritchie in 1921. Noticing a need among local Iowa farmers, Ritchie built the automatic-waterer valve and the business was created. The employee-owned company is located in Conrad, Iowa, and has been since 1943.

Since its inception, Ritchie Industries has blossomed as a leader of watering innovation and specializes in manufacturing livestock and horse waterers to the highest standards in the industry. Their quality-assurance procedures allow them to maintain the highest standards from start to finish, whether it’s a single-horse Stall Fount or a large fountain that accommodates up to 500 cattle. Their passion for quality has earned the company recognition of “most dependable product on the market.”

“Ritchie Industries is proud to support the American Paint Horse Association’s mission to promote the breed and to educate owners on the health and well-being of their horses,”Ritchie Industries President Robert Amundson said. “Fresh, clean water is a vital necessity for all horses, and improving your horse’s water quality is a simple way to support overall health and performance. Automatic watering provides horses with fresh water on demand at the right temperature, even under extreme weather conditions and with no water waste or standing water risks. Ritchie wishes all competitors and riders the best throughout the 2018 season.”

APHA’s Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford shares the sentiment.

“We are very excited about the support of Ritchie Industries,” he said. “Ritchie Industries will be providing our members with a source for one of the most important elements for horse health care: fresh water. We look forward to working with Ritchie Industries.”

To learn more about Ritchie Industries, visit ritchiefount.com.


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