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Resolve to earn an Amateur Lifetime Achievement award in 2018

That incredible, winning feeling after nailing your ride and impressing the judges is pretty hard to beat. But did you know those individual successes can tally up to further accolades for you and your Paint Horse?

While year-end awards like the Top 20 and Honor Roll celebrate one year of success, APHA’s lifetime achievement awards commemorate your hard work throughout you and your Paint’s entire show career. As you renew your Amateur card for 2018, keep the following achievements in mind and start setting new goals!

Lifetime Achievement Awards—no time limit to earn

  • Register of Merit: Certificate awarded for 10 points earned in one class/division; offered in all divisions.
  • Superior Event: Certificate awarded for 50 points earned in one class/division; offered in all divisions except Youth Walk-Trot.
  • APHA Champion: Certificate, custom plaque and PHJ announcement awarded for earning 40 total points (minimum of 16 earned in halter and 16 in performance) with at least five points earned in two categories; offered in Open, Solid Paint-Bred, Amateur and Youth divisions.
  • Performance Versatility Award: Certificate and custom frame awarded for five Registers of Merit earned in four categories and one Superior; offered in Open, Solid Paint-Bred, Amateur and Youth divisions.
  • Superior Amateur/Youth Champion Award: Certificate, special trophy, $2,500 cash and PHJ announcement awarded for earning 270 total points (minimum of 30 halter and 240 in performance events), four Superiors and four Registers of Merit in four performance categories; offered in Amateur and Youth divisions.

Learn more about these Amateur and Youth lifetime achievement awards in the Official APHA Rule Book; applicable rules begin with AM-060, AM-215, YP-020 and YP-220.

Have questions about Amateur competition or awards? Contact Amateur Director Savanna Robbins or Awards Director Christine Gillett for more information.



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