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Reining exhibitors slide home with money in their pockets from the APHA World Show

This year at the APHA World Championship Show, reining classes were a hit with added money totaling a whopping $64,000. This year’s purse money was sponsored by the American Paint Horse Association and the Texas Paint Horse Breeders Association. 

Exhibitors, including Open riders and non-pros, had the opportunity to show in a multitude of reining classes at this year’s show. The 3-Year-Old Reining Challenge (NRHA Levels 1 – 4) had $2,000 added for the Open as well as an additional $2,000 for the non-pro exhibitors while the 4, 5, 6, & 7-Year-Old Reining Challenge (NRHA Levels 1 – 4) had $25,500 added for the Open as well as an additional $25,500 added for the non-pro exhibitors. Each class also offered a $1,000 added Texas-Bred Incentive which paid the top three placing horses foaled in Texas. 

The 2021 APHA World Championship Show also featured NRHA All-Breed classes, giving exhibitors the opportunity to show other horses that may not be registered APHA. These classes flourished with additional money added or jackpot money included. The purses in these classes ranged from $500 to $2,000-added which ultimately allowed Open, non-pros, limited, Youth and rookie riders to all walk away with winning money. 

Exhibitor Raeanna Thayn from Tioga, Texas, had a rewarding World Show where she and her horse RosesWhiz walked away with $10,000 in earnings. 

“I am so proud of my mare,” said Raeanna. “This was my first time showing in the derby at the Paint World Show outside of the world title classes. I was super excited to see how much added money there was! It is a great incentive for reiners to bring their higher level derby horses to the show and to grow reining in APHA. The quality of horses and the amount of people in the derby was super impressive this year.” 

Overall, the APHA World Show welcomed over 5,200 entries and 1,350 horses this year. Forty-four U.S. states, Canada and England were represented. The show held 400 classes which included 305 world championship classes. Special thanks to all the exhibitors, sponsors and staff that made this unforgettable event possible.


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