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Refresh your horse training with Keepin’ It Fresh and Kalley Krickeberg

Refresh your horse training and develop a deeper partnership with your Paint Horse with Keepin’ It Fresh, an all-new eBook produced by APHA and Chrome magazine’s equine advisor, Kalley Krickeberg. The eBook features 10 of Kalley’s most popular articles from Chrome magazine, compiled into one convenient and valuable training collection.

In this eBook—and her Chrome column by the same name—Kalley lays the groundwork for successful horse training, no matter your horse’s age or preferred discipline. Her techniques help develop communication between horse and handler, provide structure and help create a confident, well-balanced partner who’s ready to please. As Kalley says, “a balanced horse is a successful horse, no matter the sport or discipline.”

This handy digital download brings a wealth of exercises to your computer, laptop or smartphone—perfect for planning your next training session. Order Keepin’ It Fresh from the APHA General Store for just $10, and get ready to start developing a horse ready to go in any direction you choose.

Order Keepin’ It Fresh

Check out the other great eBooks offered through the APHA General Store, too:

Great Rides
If the trails are calling your name, plan an expedition with your favorite Paint to explore some of the beautiful landscapes highlighted in the Paint Horse Journal’s monthly column, “Great Rides.” Find information on the best trails to take, where to stay and more. This e-book is only $10 from the APHA General Store.

The Game Plan
For those looking for that winning feeling, use the Journal’s award-winning “The Game Plan” series to brush up on the fundamentals of your favorite class. Gain insight from the industry’s leading judges about what they’re looking for in 12 of our most popular classes, and top trainers share their tips to preparing a winner. Combined, you’ll learn how to wow the crowd with your Paint! This e-book is only $10 from the APHA General Store.

Ride Strong
Horses aren’t the only athletes involved in horseback riding. Take your skills to the next level by trying out the Journal’s award-winning workout routine outlined in “Ride Strong;” developed by world champion riders and personal trainers, it also offers tips on nutrition to help you feel great. This e-book is only $10 from the APHA General Store.

In the Know: Paint Horse Journal & Chrome
Can’t get enough of Paints? Subscribe to the award-winning Paint Horse Journal, or make sure your APHA membership is current so you get the award-winning Chrome magazine—these flagship publications are the horse industry’s only magazines solely dedicated to the Paint Horse community. Chrome is sent to all current adult APHA members (printed to North American members; digital to members worldwide); memberships start at $45. Subscriptions to the Paint Horse Journal start at $30 for APHA members, which gets you 12 issues of monthly tips, tricks and Paint-specific articles.




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