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Rediscover lesson programs in the August 2017 Paint Horse Journal

Lesson programs are an integral part of the horse community, whether by introducing new riders to horses without the financial commitment of a major purchase, allowing committed riders to test out new disciplines or helping riders of all levels advance their skills with the help of a skilled professional.

This month’s FREE story from the August 2017 Paint Horse Journal has everything you need to know about making lessons work in your training program PLUS how to find the right lesson program for you.

Get the Inside Look today!

In this month’s PHJ digital Inside Look you’ll find:

  • One FREE story: “Making Good Riders,” which highlights the importance of lesson programs and outlines steps to success
  • APHA Executive Director Billy Smith’s “Fresh Paint” column, which discusses the importance of education in the horse industry and how HorseIQ can help
  • The August issue’s special Trainers Guide—check it out to find a professional in your area!
  • ALL of our colorful advertisers, including Stallion Alley and classified ads

Then, open up your print copy of the Journal to read about:

  • A simple transition exercise to make loping easy and soft
  • Joni Fitts School of Horsemanship, a thriving beginner lesson program for riders of all ages
  • How to get the perfect video for improvement or sales
  • Everything you need to know about your horse’s legs in Part 2 of our Horsemastership series
  • APHA Director of Judges Dave Dellin’s wake-up call that transformed his showing strategy
  • Kevin Walgren’s inspiring journey to carry out his late fiancé’s dreams
  • And so much more! Purchase, renew or extend your subscription today!


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About APHA

The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded in 1962. Its mission is to inspire, nurture, promote and provide meaningful experiences to generations interested in preserving the versatile Paint Horse.