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Reap the savings with APHA Xtras and John Deere

Has your old mower or tractor gone kaput? That means it’s the perfect time for an upgrade, and what better way than by using your APHA Xtras member benefits to upgrade to a John Deere!

John Deere is driven by integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation as it provides customers around the world with reliable work equipment. APHA members across the country trust John Deere to help with their day-to-day operation—just listen to what Rebecca Gorski of Minnesota had to say about her experience.

“May I express my sincere gratitude for being able to partake in such a wonderful program! Through the APHA Xtras discount, I was not only able to purchase a new tractor but also a John Deere zero-turn lawnmower as well,” Rebecca said.

You must be an APHA member for at least 30 days before taking advantage of this deal. Then you’re all set to start collecting your savings, whether it’s through the Cash Discount Program or the Full-Time Discount Program.

The Cash Discount Program offers all APHA members $35 to $2,700 off select equipment. Using the Full-Time Discount, all full-time horse operations, professionals, breeders and trainers get the chance to receive up to 28% off.

Call toll free (877) 462-2294 BEFORE your purchase to be sure to get the available benefits and your cash discount.

“APHA members are still eligible for exclusive John Deere Equine discounts and our phone lines are open for questions,” said Fritz Widaman, vice president of NTRA Advantage & Business Development for John Deere. “Call us to learn about how you can save on new John Deere equipment like tractors, mowers, gators, hay equipment, and more! John Deere dealers are open for business but be sure to check your local and state regulations as well as your local dealers’ new protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing rides like a Deere!”

During this time, APHA and APHA Xtras partners, like John Deere, want to help you keep things moving. We are here to serve you and we’re all in this together—as family.

There are even more benefits to your APHA membership than you might realize. The John Deere discount is just one way to save. With APHA Xtras, you can easily recoup the cost of your membership with one transaction with companies you know and trust.

If you haven’t already, click here to join or renew your APHA membership. And take a minute to check out all the APHA Xtras offers. It’s just our way of saying thank you for being an APHA member.

Do you have an APHA Xtras success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Email us or call (817) 222-6404.

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