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Paint enthusiasts find international success at the inaugural PAC World Championship E-Show

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Nearly 80 exhibitors represented 10 countries and 28 states and provinces at the APHA PAC World Championship E-Show, the first virtual world championship show in the horse industry. Exhibitors earned PAC credits and PAC world championship titles in more than 40 classes, in addition to buckles and rosettes. Participants competed for their titles from the comfort of their home barns in events such as barrel racing, showmanship, trail, longe line, ranch riding and hunter under saddle. They could even request critiques on their runs from judge Lori Gordon.

APHA had the desire to provide an event for PAC participants to come together to compete on equal footing, despite their home locations; the creation of APHA’s E-Shows program in March 2020 seemed like the perfect platform to host the PAC program’s first world championship show. A diverse group of exhibitors came together to showcase their Paint Horses where the financial and logistical burden of an international horse show generally limits those who can attend.

“This world champion title means the sky is the limit,” Trail PAC World Champion Helena Ryan said; she’s from County Limerick, Ireland. “This year was my first competing at this level. I was terrified that we wouldn’t be good enough and would be laughed at, but I was wrong. This title proves that ADMS Tripple Loot, is the talented, special horse I knew he was when I met him as an unknown, green broke 3-year-old. It’s a historic moment for APHA, and I’m proud that Quigley and I were part of it and our names are stamped on it for all time. It also means great things for APHA. This is their platform to reach every member and say to them, ‘You can do it too, come play with us!’ ”

APHA congratulates the newly crowned PAC world champions and looks forward to this event becoming an annual addition to the PAC program. Results and exhibitor videos are available on the PAC World Championship E-Show page at apha.com/showing/e-shows/PAC-World-Championship-E-Show.



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