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Noble Outfitters teams up with APHA to benefit members and exhibitors

Noble Outfitters is back for its third year as an APHA World Show Sponsor, as well as a Paint Horse Journal Pro Team Sponsor. Noble Outfitters will be decking out members in a number of ways, such as providing the 2016 APHA year-end champions with Noble vests and an assortment of prizes for World Show winners.

“Our members love Noble Outfitters’ products, so APHA is very excited to continue providing their products as awards to our members and exhibitors,” APHA Director of Youth and Awards Christine Henry said. “Where quality and variety of product are concerned, Noble just keeps setting the bar higher and higher with every year.”

Since 2011, Noble Outfitters has been striving to provide their customers products that go above and beyond in terms of quality, functionality, and value. Simply put, Noble Outfitters works to give you their absolute best and then some. With apparel lines featuring performance, lifestyle and outerwear, Noble Outfitters aims to keep all equine enthusiasts properly outfitted. Each item created by Noble is made in collaboration with equine professionals and enthusiasts so that the needs of exhibitors from all parts of the equine industry are met.

In addition to their lines of apparel and accessories, Noble Outfitters is also introducing their new Biosecurity Wash. Formerly known as the All-Around Stall Wash, Noble Outfitters resolved to package its classic product blend in an easy-to-use container that makes animal maintenance easier for owners.

“We like to keep thinking of new ways to help our customers by meeting and exceeding their needs,” Noble Outfitters Director of Marketing Julia Scrivani said. “Through our new Biosecurity Wash, we hope to improve the protection and productivity of our horses, and make life simpler for the owner.”

Noble Outfitters is excited to share the product with APHA membership and distributed samples to 2017 APHA Convention attendees.

To learn more about Noble Outfitters and their new Biosecurity Wash, visit nobleoutfitters.com.



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