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New PBRIP sponsorship program connects stallions with Paint barrel racers

Since it burst onto the speed scene in 2013, the Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program has been shaking up the barrel industry and giving Paint owners an exclusive way to play. PBRIP’s grown steadily with each year, and now fast-moving stallion owners can get in on the action.

The PBRIP’s new Stallion Owners Bonus Program gives participating sponsors access and visibility at PBRIP events across the nation. Over its three years of programming, PBRIP’s paid out more than $134,000, and sanctioned events have ballooned year after year—133 events are scheduled for 2016, and there’s no signs of slowing in the future.

Get in front of target barrel racing audiences with sponsorship packages tailored to your advertising needs and budget. For more information, visit PBRIP.com or contact Karen Utecht at racing@apha.com, but do it fast—sponsorship payments for 2017 are due by November 1.

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