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New AjPHA Executive Committee officers elected for 2019-2020

AjPHA national directors voted, and we’re excited to announce the 2019–2020 AjPHA Executive Committee. This group of young leaders helps shape discussion and policy related to APHA’s youth program, and help promote AjPHA to their peers.

President: Mannetta McAvaddy of Vineland, New Jersey
President-Elect: Rana Orsan of Saint Louis, Missouri
Vice President: Reagan Jennings of College Station, Texas
Secretary: Treylyn Hancock of Wharton, Texas
Treasurer: Ruby Voortmeyer of Salt Lake City, Utah
Zone 1: Cody Dulin of Nampa, Idaho
Zone 2: Ruby Voortmeyer of Salt Lake City, Utah
Zone 3: Avery Maxwell of Edgerton, Kansas
Zone 4: Sabine Lazo of Caldwell, Texas
Zone 5: Rana Orsan of Saint Louis, Missouri
Zone 7: Madison Martin of Evington, Virginia
Zone 8: Reece Chapman of Bellevue, Michigan
Zone 9: Emily Coggins of Watkinsville, Georgia
Zone 12: Katharina Weber of Ueberherrn, Germany


Note: If a zone is not listed with a representative, there were no candidates available—know someone who might want to serve? Contact Director of Youth Activities Christine Gillett at cgillett@apha.com.

Watch for an upcoming Paint Horse Journal article about new AjPHA President Manenetta McAvaddy (pictured above) and her presidential service project in the September/October 2019 issue—subscribe, renew or extend your Paint Horse Journal subscription today!

[Reprinting all or part of this news release is permitted, so long as credit is given to the Paint Horse Journal and a link provided back to apha.com.]
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