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NCEA announces APHA Academic Honor Roll

Courtesy NCEA press release

The National Collegiate Equestrian Association recently announced their American Paint Horse Association NCEA Academic Honor Roll, recognizing student-athletes for success in the classroom during the 2017-18 academic year. The APHA NCEA Academic Honor Roll recognizes the top academic student-athletes who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.25 while maintaining full-time enrollment in the previous spring (2017) and fall (2017) semesters, respectively. There is no competition requirement on this award.

 APHA has partnered with the National Collegiate Equestrian Association to help support the advancement of Women’s Equestrian on the path to National Collegiate Athletic Association championship sport status. Congratulations to the recipients, and special shoutout to the current and former APHA members featured below in red.

American Paint Horse Association NCEA Academic Honor Roll

Caitlin Boyle Auburn
Caitlin Creel Auburn
Lauren Diaz Auburn
Ali Fratessa Auburn
Sydney Hoffa Auburn
Hayley Iannotti Auburn
Becky Kozma Auburn
Mackenzie Michaels Auburn
Haley Pembroke Auburn
Megan Rauh Auburn
Casey Schmitz Auburn
Abby Wagner Auburn
Lillian Wagner Auburn
Brookie Bancroft Baylor
Nicole Begala Baylor
Kammie Berns Baylor
Mackenzie Ennis Baylor
Maddie Chenoweth Baylor
Victoria Griffith Baylor
Marissa Kinnally Baylor
Sahara Reiz Baylor
Lorin Salazar Baylor
Sarah Sharou Baylor
Lindsey Valvidiez Baylor
Grace Thiel Baylor
Cheyenne Adams Delaware State
Hayley Anderson Delaware State
Gabrielle DelNegro Delaware State
Monica Ellis Delaware State
Eva Epstein Delaware State
Erin Gordon Delaware State
Shelbe Jarrett Delaware State
Elizabeth Koons Delaware State
Elizabeth Lynch Delaware State
Emily Nelson Delaware State
Dominque Pierre Delaware State
Angelina Watts Delaware State
Katelyn Altenhofel Fresno State
Paige Barton Fresno State
Alexa Bell Fresno State
Erica Rosinski Fresno State
Danielle Schneider Fresno State
Natalie Wendt Fresno State
Rachel Williams Fresno State
Madeline Alewine Oklahoma State
Kaitlyn Arnold Oklahoma State
Mia Bray Oklahoma State
Sarah Clymer Oklahoma State
Hunter De Jane Oklahoma State
Megan Donald Oklahoma State
Molly Dunn Oklahoma State
Taylor Hickam Oklahoma State
Hallie McClintock Oklahoma State
Kinsey McDouglad Oklahoma State
Addie Minnick Oklahoma State
Lauren Moorhead Oklahoma State
Emily Morris Oklahoma State
Matilda Schulman Oklahoma State
Emma Verplank Oklahoma State
Kristi Wiggins Oklahoma State
Courtney Barry Sweet Briar College
Makayla Benjamin Sweet Briar College
Emily Schlosberg Sweet Briar College
Jessica Boesch South Dakota State
Jacey Chorlton South Dakota State
Sydney House South Dakota State
Melissa Kerr South Dakota State
Jessica Martinez South Dakota State
Matilyn Skinner South Dakota State
Rylee Streit South Dakota State
Miranda Sullivan South Dakota State
Mariah Wright South Dakota State
Mary Elizabeth Cordia SMU
Morgan DiGuilio SMU
Alexandra Fuller SMU
Nora Gray SMU
Anne Mason Jackson SMU
Ashley Mauney SMU
Olivia Pakula SMU
Carilynn Peyton SMU
Keagan Snively SMU
Madison Steed SMU
Nadja Tiktinsky SMU
Vivian Yowan SMU
Haley Zimmerman SMU
Bailey Cook Texas A&M
Emily Davis Texas A&M
Katelyn Davis Texas A&M
Kai DeVoglaer Texas A&M
Ashton Dunkel Texas A&M
Kaci Fisher Texas A&M
Darby Gardner Texas A&M
Madison Malsch Texas A&M
Alex Marlow Texas A&M
Alexandra Potts Texas A&M
Kathryn Resnick Texas A&M
Libby Schneider Texas A&M
Ann Elizabeth Tebow Texas A&M
Emma Edwards TCU
Kassi Jones TCU
Courtney May TCU
Jada Taylor TCU
Conner West TCU
Marah Huston TCU
Lacey Bohn TCU
Jessica Blum Georgia
Anna Hutlas Georgia
Alexis Mougalian Georgia
Catherine Sullivan Georgia
Danielle Walawender Georgia
Kathryn Kramer Georgia
Stella Martin Georgia
Carly Reinsel Georgia
Shaelyn Vering Georgia
Taylor Carman Georgia
Meghan Flanagan Georgia
Elizabeth Goodlett Georgia
Ashlyn Lawrence Georgia
Eva Maracelis Georgia
Grace Porter Georgia
Kelly Skoglund Georgia
Raleigh Bacharach South Carolina
Madison Butehorn South Carolina
Kate Eagleton South Carolina
Lauren Fabiano South Carolina
Emma Farber South Carolina
Caroline Gute South Carolina
Sarah Isgett South Carolina
Meredith Milton South Carolina
Megan Overberg South Carolina
Kirklen Petersen South Carolina
Hanna Powers South Carolina
Jaana Rasmussen South Carolina
Paisley Robert South Carolina
Chloe Schmidt South Carolina
Jordan Scott South Carolina
Madison Sellman South Carolina
Paige Stopperich South Carolina
Madison Thiel South Carolina
Bailey Walters South Carolina
Megan Aiosa UT Martin
Jade Bleskey UT Martin
Gwen Bracey UT Martin
Samantha Felts UT Martin
Randi LaChance UT Martin
Sydney Lintner UT Martin
Savannah Metheny UT Martin
Johnie Parker UT Martin
Bobbie Piddock UT Martin
Karis Blakenship West Texas A&M
Elora Ellison West Texas A&M
Kaitlyn Frizzell West Texas A&M
Mollie Green West Texas A&M
Carley Hockett West Texas A&M
Arienne Martinez West Texas A&M
Kylie McEuen West Texas A&M
Cassidy Parker West Texas A&M


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