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Mounted shooting world championships added to 2019 APHA World Show lineup

By Mary Grace Schmid

Brand new for 2019, mounted shooting world championships will take place at the 2019 APHA World Championship Show on September 28 in Fort Worth, Texas. Participants will have the opportunity to win APHA world championship titles, cash incentives and more in six world championship classes covering the Open, Amateur and Youth divisions. Events for Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred horses are included.

With $3,000 added to the event, including 50% payback in each class, the Top 15 in each mounted shooting class will receive World Show awards and a complimentary video of their runs. The overall Clean Shooter Pot (based on APHA world championship classes) features 100% payback, and the fastest time in the pot receives a bonus prize. In addition to the world championship events, the two-stage match Paint Horse Open Shotgun Jackpot will have $500 added, too.  Certified ammunition will be provided to all entries.

To be eligible, both the owner and exhibitor must be current APHA members and ride an APHA-registered horse. All APHA ownership/lease rules, Amateur/Youth program rules and membership requirements apply. No qualifying required for mounted shooting classes.

APHA World Championship Divisions:

  • Open—$500 added
  • Open Solid Paint-Bred—$500 added
  • Amateur—$500 added
  • Amateur Solid Paint-Bred—$500 added
  • Youth—$500 added
  • Youth Solid Paint-Bred—$500 added

Pre-Entry Deadline – September 25 (mounted shooting entries must be received by this date)
Entries will be accepted after September 25 until 5 p.m. the day before the shoot. Late fees will apply. No entries accepted after 5 p.m. on September 27.

For all forms and entry information for the event, visit https://apha.com/oawcs/forms/.

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