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Modified APHA World Show qualifying requirements expands participation possibilities for 2018

Effective immediately for the 2018 APHA World Championship Show, the APHA World Show qualifying requirement has been modified to provide expanded qualifying options for Paint Horses.

To qualify for the APHA World Championship Show, a horse must:

  • Participate in a minimum of two APHA-approved events during the qualifying period. There is no minimum judge requirement.


  • Pay a $1,000 per show qualifying fee if the horse has not participated in the minimum-required APHA-approved events during the qualifying period. This is done at the time of World Show entry. The fee is $2,000 if the horse has not attended any APHA-approved events.
  • All other qualifying criteria and exemptions remain the same. Visit com/oawcs/qualifiers for details or click here.


The World Show qualifying period is June 1, 2017–June 4, 2018, for the 2018 Open/Amateur APHA World Championship Show. The show takes place September 19-30, 2018, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

No qualifying is required for the Youth World Championship Show, which takes place June 25–July 7, 2018.

This modification to the World Show qualifying requirements is designed to help make more Paint Horse eligible to compete at the premier Paint Horse show. Based on the new September dates for the World Show, several directors had expressed concern over the original qualifying deadlines. In an effort to determine the level of concern, members of the Executive Committee reached out to a group of directors and committee chairs and vice-chairs to give them the opportunity to voice their thoughts and suggestions. Using the information gathered from the group, the Executive Committee revised World Show qualifying policy.

A select group of NRHA, NRCHA and NCHA/ACHA events will again be approved for APHA World Show qualifying needs; these events will be released soon at apha.com.

2018 World Show Qualifying Period: June 1, 2017–June 4, 2018

2019 World Show Qualifying Period: June 1, 2018–June 3, 2019



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